What is D&D?

dnd-wizards-cnet[1] Dungeon and Dragons was a lot of things for me growing up.  It was a place where I learned to love reading.  I learned to master math skills, I learned critical thinking and problem solving.  I learned how to deal with various complex social scenarios.  I learned to dream and to build.  Mostly, I D&D was a lot of fun.

At least once a week I would get together with 5-7 friends and, with the aid of the D&D game materials, go on epic imagined adventures.  Missing from the MMORPGs of today is real social interaction.  In the context of D&D you assume the role of the character you are playing and you relate to other players from that standpoint.  You fight monsters, explore dungeons and save princesses along the way.  I had hours upon hours of good, clean fun in my buddy William’s basement that I intend to share with my own kids, and their friends.

Visit the links below and read through them.  If your interest is piqued, asked Nathan to borrow The Crystal Shard.

Here is a link to a great post, and a great place to start:


This is a good place to read about the 2nd edition D&D era of Forgotten Realms.



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