Part 1: Salty Reception

Following Rathune, the Creator, departing Dorwine dragon now rule the continent. Demanding and cruel, Brine is an unforgiving overlord. He has the citizens of Usban working tirelessly to build and maintain the boats that fill the harbor in search of treasure. Strange Sea Elves and Sea Dwarves, even the odd Genasai fill his ships to search the ocean for ship wrecks, harvesting their magic items. These are then taken to the High God Magna.

Jhaldus Blundal – Drow Slaver

Murruik Seabeard

Bella Corcus

Gargantuan vehicle, (80 ft. by 20 ft.)
Creature Capacity 30 crew, 20 passengersCargo Capacity 100 tonsTravel Pace 5 miles per hour (120 miles per day)
STRDEXCONINTWISCHA20 (+5)7 (-2)17 (+3)0 (-5)0 (-5)0 (-5)
Damage Immunities poison, psychicCondition Immunities blindedcharmeddeafenedexhaustionfrightenedincapacitatedparalyzedpetrifiedpoisonedpronestunnedunconscious
Armor Class 15Hit Points 300 (damage threshold 15)
Control: Helm
Armor Class 18Hit Points 50Move up to the speed of its sails, with one 90-degree turn. If the helm is destroyed, the ship can’t turn.
Movement: Sails
Armor Class 12Hit Points 100; -5 ft. speed per 25 damage takenLocomotion (water) sails, speed 45 ft.; 15 ft. while sailing into the wind; 60 ft. while sailing with the wind.
Weapons: Ballista
Armor Class 15Hit Points 50Ranged Weapon Attack: +6 to hit, range 120/480 ft., one target. Hit: 16 (3d10) piercing damage.
Weapons: Mangonel
Armor Class 15Hit Points 100Ranged Weapon Attack: +5 to hit, range 200/800 ft. (can’t hit targets within 60 ft. of it), one target. Hit: 27 (5d10) bludgeoning damage.
On its turn, the sailing ship can move using its helm. It can also fire its ballista and its mangonel. If it has half its crew or fewer, it moves at half speed and can fire either its ballista or its mangonel.

The Red Axe

Type:           Poor Inn           Common Inn           Good Inn         
Patrons:           Townsfolk           Adventurers         
Location: In a temple ward, southeast of the Temple of White Light. The street outside is filled with the sound of chanting.
Description: The inn is a two-storey timber and brick building, with a small fenced yard. Accomodations consist of several large rooms with beds and straw mattresses and a mezzanine with several wooden cots.
Inkeeper: The innkeeper is an absent-minded male halfling named Albert Rowes. He knows the secret location of the Dread Prison of Madness.
Menu: Roasted Mutton and Leek, Tankard of Beer (12 cp)Boiled Eggs and Carrot, Tankard of Cider (11 cp)Roasted Sausage and Dried Beetroot, Tankard of Cider (10 cp)
Patrons: Galorfinw: Male Elf Cleric, Evil. Galorfinw has gray hair and light gray eyes. He wears plate mail and wields a quarterstaff. Galorfinw suffers a traumatic fear of death.
Leifi: Male Dwarf Fighter, Neutral. Leifi is slender, with curly auburn hair and amber eyes. He wears plate mail and wields a flail and shield. Leifi seeks to free himself from an ancient curse. Reda: Male Human Fighter, Neutral.
Reda is fey in appearance, with straight silver hair and green eyes. He wears chain mail and wields a glaive-guisarme. Reda suffers an acute fear of spiders.
Maly: Female Halfling Fighter, Good. Maly has a long face, with long gray hair and dark green eyes. She wears banded mail and wields a battle axe. Maly is hunting the vampire who slew his mentor.
Ulfhigg Hordidotr: Female Dwarf Ranger, Good. Ulfhigg is fey in appearance, with uneven silver hair and light brown eyes. She wears leather armor and wields a long sword. Ulfhigg is quarreling with the town guard, who seem to be searching for someone.
Rumors: Something has been delving a network of chambers beneath the town.Anyone who takes a stone from the ruined tower on North Bundusharbh Way is transformed into a cat.The master of the Butchers Fellowship is actually a blood-thirsty vampire.The ruins of a draconic monastery lies deep within the Icecrown Mountains.


  • Thin Rectangle on a wall: door
  • “S” on a wall: secret door
  • Large Rectangle: table
  • Large Thin Rectangle: bar
  • Rectangle with a “T” or “S” or both: table or shelve or table & shelves.
  • Circle: bar stool or chair
  • 4/5 Circle: chair next to/under table
  • Small filled Rectangle in a larger rectangle: fireplace/hearth
  • Dashed Line: railing
  • Many thin lines getting smaller: stairs
  • Filled Circle: toilet/privvy
  • Filled Triangle: wash basin