AoI Player’s Guide Progress

So Christmas break is upon us.  My four boys and I will get to spend much time together over the break.  I plan to spend a decent chunk of time working on Agents of Intrigue.  This is my update log for the Player’s Guide.  I decided to make the guide on my site.

Here is what I have so far:

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Your Agent  – I got a lot done on the theory behind your Agent, and how to create their backstory and personality.
Chapter 3: Your Gear – Generally skipped this for a bit.  I’m kind of hung up on what types of weapons categories to have.  I will come back to it later.
Chapter 4: Factions – This is mostly done.  I may come back and include some fictional factions later.
Chapter 5: Missions – Very little info about this
Chapter 6: Combat – Figuring out how to manage the modern era damage issue is a problem my subconscious is chewing on.  I have some ideas.  Basically, the problem is that one bullet from one gun can kill any one person in real life.  How do we make the mechanics of 5e fit this reality?

Here is a sneak peak at Agent classes as they stand now.  This will change, a lot.

[Career Agent]

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